Pantone's 2016 Colors of the Year!

Each December, Pantone (aka the chromatic illuminati), announces a color that will rule the runways and home décor catalogues the following year, and every December, I’m excited. For the past several years, the color has been a deeply saturated jewel tone, translating fabulously into fashion, but for my personal taste, not as organically into home décor. Few and far between are the jewel toned accessories at my house.  I tend to gravitate toward calmer, soothing shades.

So naturally, I’m super excited about the 2016 Pantone COLORS. This is the first time two colors have been announced at once, and I’m so looking forward to putting together client inspiration boards reflecting the trend. With spring feeling painstakingly unreachable (Detroit’s serious winter chill just set in), working with Rose Quartz and Serenity will make it feel a little more within reach. With a bridal event styling around the corner, I’m just so ready. So. Ready. 

As usual, I've scored the internet for the best examples of spaces embodying the colors, and you'd be surprised! The pastel duo speaks to more than just nurseries and kids' rooms. It translates as chic and soothing in any space. Below, find some of those inspiration photos reflecting the 2016 colors to fawn over. And please, feel free to gasp or squeal. I’m hoping other people being equally excited about the color announcement will make me feel less like a dork.