The Kardashians Invade Architectural Digest

The Kardashian family is an interesting bunch. They don’t really have any real talents, yet they’ve manage to capture the country’s attention, rocking impeccably aggressive make-up looks, publicizing their love lives, and taking selfies. Kris Jenner is a marketing genius. But I digress. While everyone else is ogling over their Instagram accounts and throwing hard earned cash at their random array of successful product lines, I’m busy stalking their real estate and interior design.  Designer Jeff Andrews propelled them into the design atmosphere envy somewhere around season three- and boy, was I excited. Kris Jenner’s amazing office. Kim’s gorgeous master bathroom. Khloe’s comfortable but glamorous family room. I absolutely live for the backdrops of their mildly entertaining conversations and family drama. 

A couple weekends ago, something amazing happened. I was walking through Barnes and Noble and caught the cover of this month’s Architectural Digest, where Khloe and Kourtney are posed impressively in evening gowns, presumably in the middle of the day in one of their gorgeous homes. Exciting! “Celebrities at Home” is the title, and there’s page after page of impeccably designed living spaces which proved not only pretty- but practical. Who would’ve thought the Kardashians were practical? I rounded up some of my favorite shots from the spread for the rest of you to fawn over. They might not have the best taste in men, but home décor? Impeccable!