It's Spring. Curb Appeal Matters Again!

When I first started my home search, one of the top three selling points on my list was curb appeal. Does the house look like every other one of the block? Does the front yard have landscaping potential? When you park in front of the house, do you get a good vibe? I nearly drove my very patient realtor insane. Thank goodness he has daughters my age. I’m sure it helped. As our search wore on however, curb appeal crept lower and lower down my list. It was hard enough to find listings in my desired area, in the price range, with enough space and so on and so forth. How could we possibly be bothered with curb appeal?!

So in the end I settled on my lovely 1920’s colonial that sits on a block surrounded by other nearly identical houses. Go figure. Two windows on the front, or one big one. Walkway on the left or walkway on the right. Brown shutters or darker brown shutters. Boring, boring, boring. So in an effort to make my house stand out from all the rest, I’m on a mission to increase my curb appeal in the easiest, most cost effective ways. The snow has finally melted. Time to get it popping! 

A Front Door that Pops

One of the easiest ways to revamp your curb appeal is by updating your front door. The front door is the entryway to your home, and says a lot about the people who live inside. It’s like shoes…for your house. Flimsy plastic doors are a no no. I’m in the market for a glass one to show off the fun, bright front door I’m planning on. I’m currently deciding whether or not to paint my current door, or buy an already beautiful one like these fab ones I’ve been crushing on.

Dramatic Shutters

My shutters are weird muddy brown color (like the majority of my neighbors’). And it’s just so incredibly drab against my beige siding. Gotta go. I’m looking to contrast the lightness of my siding and brick with dark, maybe even black, shutters. You can find shutters for about 30 dollars apiece at any large hardware store. Definitely a buy, not a repaint. Below are some beautiful houses with dark shutters. Much more stately than mine. 

Thoughtful Landscaping

Last summer, boyfriend, (with the help of a decidedly stylish neighbor with a decidedly stylish front yard), did an amateur landscape job on my front yard- just a little shaping and a little planting. Two fledgling hydrangea bushes (as they are my absolute favorite), and a few baby bushes. They did a great job, but I think the yard needs a little more punch- maybe a few potted plants? And does anyone know how long it take for hydrangea bushes to mature? I'm impatient. 

Jazzy Accessorizing

Like any good look, my yard deserves some accessorizing- and I’m not talking kitchy garden gnomes and flamingos. I’m thinking a jazzy mailbox and a more stately address plaque. Ours has a couple uneven numbers and likely has been hanging on the house since 1939. Definitely on it's last leg.

Anyone have any other suggestions on practical ways to get our curb appeal popping? It’s spring! Let’s be the envy of our muddy brown shuttered neighbors!