Bigger Boy Room Inspiration

My son is twenty-two months old, and quickly approaching the age where it’s no longer appropriate to refer to his age in months. Before I was a parent I didn’t understand the annoying motherly age explanations. Innocently asking “how old is your nugget?” quickly turns into a few silent seconds of counting the number of months, frustratingly trying to figure out just how old the kid was. Now as a mommy, I get it.  All these months hold precious milestones, and there really is a big difference between eighteen months and twenty! Thus, I might carry the obnoxious month counting on until Conner’s three. Or until he’s old enough to politely ask me to stop.

I’m thinking that as he nears two, it’s time to start thinking about Conner’s big boy room, or at least “bigger” boy room. We’ve caught him with one leg swung fearlessly over the side of his crib, and he refuses to sleep without his teeny pillow and blanket. The excitement of redecorating his bedroom is almost enough to distract me from the fact that my baby boy is indeed getting older, and at a rapid pace. Here’s some “bigger boy” room inspiration that’s been a helpful diversion. 

Layered rugs, comfy linens, and a teepee, courtesy of decorpad.

Light tones and cute boyish accessories. Thanks Mommo Design.

Wall decals, a graphic rug, and a perfectly sized toddler bed from Apartment Therapy. Adorbs!

I love the idea of a wall display of books. Project Nursery gives a great example of using bold color and graphic designs.

The mood is very relaxed in this bigger boy room from Babble. Soothing tones and simplistic accessories make for the perfect little boy's getaway space.