Bar carts are everything.  They’re the perfect modern alternative to the big bulky basement bars of our parents’ generation. Growing up I thought I wanted an expansive night-club worthy bar in my basement, but as a technical grown up, it seems a little excessive. Like at what juncture will I have the need for so many bottles of liquor? A tap sounds cool. But, we’re not huge beer drinkers. So again, the bar idea is feeling a little excessive.

Cue the bar cart. It’s awesome for a plethora of reasons. They’re scalable to the size of your home- there’s room for one even in the teeniest of apartments. You don’t need mass quantities of liquor or other “bar things” to make them attractive or functional. You can move them around the house to fit your needs- nightcap in the family room, bloody mary in the kitchen while flipping pancakes, formal dinner partieis in the dining room.  And most importantly, they’re both functional and decorative. Wins!